Make-up tips to bring your spooky side out this Halloween

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You can rock this Halloween through simple make-up tips for dressing up as a vampire, witch or a devil and to bring your scary side out, says an expert.

Manisha Chopra, cosmetologist and co-founder of SeaSoul Cosmeceuticals, has shared Halloween make-up tips that are guaranteed to add spunk to your costume and make you look your scary best.

Vampire diaries: To rock this look, begin by using a face powder, a shade lighter than your skin, and dabbing it liberally all over your face and neck. The dark circles are important, so get out your smoky eye kit and use kohl and steel-grey eyeshadow to make the area around your eyes dark and gloomy. Paint your lips the brightest red and remember to smudge it a bit. Finally, buy fangs online or from a party store to finish your look.

Sexy witch: If you’re going as a witch, after the pointy hat and the broom, the third most important thing are the lips. If you’re bold, go for a black lipstick or stick to blood red. After that, concentrate on your eyes. Get a bright, sparkly green eyeshadow. Apply a thick black eyeliner on the upper eyelid and plenty of mascara. Add fake eyelashes for that extra oomph and darken your eyebrows to make them look thick and opaque. Finish the look with some blush on the cheeks.

Dare to be devil: Over-the-top is the best advice for this one. Get some metallic red eyeshadow and black and grey hues to create drama under the eyebrow. Thick eyeliner and mascara are important as well. For the lips, pick maroon or a deeper shade of red. Better still, match your lips with the colour of your devil horns.

Awfully angelic: This is the easiest to do as long as you keep it “feminine and dainty”. Begin with a subtle, white and silver eyeshadow – highlight the corners using a midnight blue. Use mascara and a dewy eyeliner to add more definition to your eyes. Use shimmery pink blushes on your cheek bones and stick to a high-shine gloss or a nude lip colour for the lips.

Feline finesse: Get the darkest eyebrow pencil you can find to make those eyebrows opaque and shapely. For the eyes, go for a winged eyeliner. An inverted triangle on the tip of the nose and three whiskers on the cheeks can be drawn using either an eyeliner or face paint. Finish off with a pop of colour on the lips – fuchsia is hot