Winter skin care tips for dry skin

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winter skin care tips

Brace your skin, as winter is coming. Apart from cold, foggy mornings, this season has a tendency to cause dryness and exacerbate conditions like eczema. Avoid long hot baths and substitute soaps with moisturizing cleansers to have soft skin, says an expert.

Aakriti Mehra, dermatologist and managing director at city-based Enhance Clinics, has shared skin care tips for the coming winter season.

1- It is important to avoid long hot baths, soap should be used sparingly and scrubs should be completely avoided during this season.

2- Limit the bath to under 10 minutes, and ensure lukewarm water.

3- Substitute soap with moisturizing cleansers or bars, it would not cause damage or dryness to the skin.

4- In case of really dry skin, use soap free cleansers for further care.