How to take care of your hair ?

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hair care

Hair is one of the most important aspects of human beauty. It is considered to be very delicate, hence needs a lot of care and attention. Following are some general tips to take care of your hair.

 Wash your hair every second day. Use herbal shampoo and conditioner for this purpose. Don’t use warm water for washing hair, as it makes the hair dry and more prone to breakage. Also avoid rubbing your scalp hard, as it may cause damage to the hair follicles.

 Always use less shampoo and more conditioner. Leave the conditioner for minimum 5 to maximum 15 minutes on the scalp. Then rinse it with normal water.

 Avoid using dryer to dry your hair, as the warm hair coming out of the dryer takes away the moisture from the hair, leaving it dry. Instead use a soft towel and gently squeeze or scrunch out the excessive water.

 Apply oil and do proper massage with gentle hands atleast twice a week. Use coconut or almond oil for this purpose. Try to apply curd, eggs, fenugreek seeds, aloe-vera juice or lemon juice once or twice in a month.

 Never brush wet hair. Always use a comb or a hair brush with soft bristles and wide tooth for this purpose. If your hair is dry than apply some gel or other smoothening products before brushing your hair.

 Instead of leaving the hair open or tying a simple pony-tail, go for a braid. As the chances of hair getting entangled and breaking up is very less in the braid.

 Protect your hair from ultra-violet rays, dust and pollution. Never leave home without covering your hair. You can use a hat, bandana or a scarf for this purpose. Sunscreen containing benzophenone can also be applied.

 Avoid using hair coloring products and dyes, as they contain many harmful chemicals. Instead use herbal products like henna and amla powder. They not only give shine and color to your hair, but also act as a good conditioner.

 When going for swimming, apply lots of conditioner on your hair beforehand, as the chlorine present in the pool water makes the hair dry. Never forget to use the swim cap.

 Don’t go for hair straightening and keratin treatment as the chemicals used in these kind of treatments are very harsh and may cause hair loss even. You can definitely go for hair spa.

 Go for trimming on regular intervals as it promotes hair growth. Get the split-ends removed as soon as they appear, because they block hair growth.