Benefits of anulom vilom yoga

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Feeling stressed or just generally unwell? Instead of trying different methods to get better, here is a useful and easy yogasana that will make you feel instantly calm. No matter how old you are or what condition you might be suffering from, today we tell you about ANULOM-VILOM PRACTICE IN YOGA THAT IS TOUTED AS AN INSTANT AND NATURAL pick me up.

Anulom in Sanskrit means “alternate”. it is one of the easier types of pranayama, which can be practiced without expert’s guidance. It is known as NADI SHUDDHI PRANAYAM or NADI SHODHANA PRANAYAM.

Anulom vilom is a breathing technique, in which you inhale through one nostril and release the breath through the other. It is practiced by sitting in any asana SUKHASANA,VAJRASANA or PADMASANA.

1 – Close your eyes and relax
2 – Sit in this position for a couple of minutes till you settle down.
3 – Hold your right nasal with thumb, breath in from left into the lungs.
4 – Now open right nasal and close left with middle & ring finger &breath out from right nasal.
5 – Now breath in from the right nasal, close right and open left and breath out and in from left nasal and so on.
6 – Breath into lungs not into stomach. No organs in stomach absorb oxygen. Do it slowly.
7 – Rest when you feel tired & begin again.

– At least 10 minutes.
– Repeat the above steps for about 5,6,15 minutes per day. slowly increase the time.
– Take breaks in between. do not strain.

1 – keeps your lungs healthy.
2 – Fights free radicals produced due to stress.
3 – Helps in proper circulation of oxygenated blood throughout the body.
4 – It can help relieve a cold by stimulating the inner mucosal lining.
5 – It massages, rinses and tones the entire nervous system making you feel much more relaxed.
6 – It strengthens the heart, increases lungs function, keeps digestive system healthy.
7 – Enhances weight loss.
8 – Most importantly gives your skin a lovely and natural glow.