Top 5 Benefits of Sprouts

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Sprouts are considered to be rich in many nutrients. These nutrients not only strengthen the immune system, but also prevent from many dreadful diseases. Yet many people don’t include sprouts in their diets. Following are the reasons why people should increase the intake of sprouts.

  1. It is believed that the amount of enzymes available in sprouts is 100 times more than raw fruits and vegetables. Enzymes are special types of proteins that act as a catalyst in various metabolic processes. They are essential for smooth functioning of different systems of the human body.
  2. During the soaking and sprouting process, the quality and nutritional value of the proteins present in beans, nuts, seeds and grains improves. These proteins play an important role in strengthening of the immune system.
  3. Sprouting also increases the fiber content of different grains, thus improving the ability to remove toxins from the body. It ensures that fats are quickly excreted from the body, before the intestines reabsorb them, thus helping in losing weight.
  4. Sprouts are considered to be a great source of Vitamin A, B, C and E. It is assumed that the vitamin content of different grains increases by 20 folds within few days of sprouting. If we talk about Vitamin B1 alone, then its level increases by 285 percent. Level of Vitamin B2 increases by 515 percent and Vitamin B3 by 256 percent.
  5. During sprouting minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium and others bind to the protein available in the grains, thus making them easy to absorb. These minerals are not only good for heart health, but also help in prevention from diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart attack, stroke and many other.

[alert-note]What experts have to say?[/alert-note]

Sprouting often encourages bacteria to grow on the grains, nuts, beans and legumes. Therefore it is advisable to eat sprouts after boiling or frying. Also raw sprouts contain some irritating substances, which may cause itching in the mouth, throat or stomach. These substances get destroyed in the process of cooking.

[alert-note]Tips to prepare sprouts at home[/alert-note]

Sprouting is not a tedious task. It can be easily done at home. Below is the step by step guide to prepare sprouts at home.

Day-1 : ⇒

Morning : Wash some grains/beans/nuts/legumes. Place them in a jar or a bowl. Cover them with cold water.

Day-2 : 

Morning : Drain the water. Cover the neck of the jar or the bowl with a piece of cloth (cotton preferably) tightly. Place the jar or bowl into another bowl upside down, so that the excess water drains out.

Evening : Again soak the grains/beans/nuts/legumes in cold water.

Day-3 : 

Morning : Drain the water once again as per day 2 and soak grains/beans/nuts/legumes in fresh cold water.
Evening : Repeat the morning step. Follow it twice a day for 2-3 more days. You will see the little white tails (or the sprouts) coming out of the grains/beans/nuts/legumes.