Check your breast size ?

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breast size

Our breast size keeps on fluctuating due to weight change, pregnancy and menopause. So do not estimate your bra size but learn to measure it properly so as to wear the appropriate bra.

Exercise: If you’re under this notion that chest exercises are only for men then you’re clearly wrong. Proper breast size can be acquired through push-ups and bench presses. If you use firming cream or décolletage to enhance your beast size, then it can also be achieved through proper exercise.

Get Regular checkups: It is advisable to get your breasts checked regularly and keep an eye on their size, shape and skin texture and if there occurs a swelling or pimple on your breast then do not neglect it. If you’re unaware of the various health centers where this facility is available then conduct a thorough research online and consult a doctor.

Quit Smoking: A research says that the effects of smoking are visible slowly. The more you indulge in smoking the more it’ll damage your body. In this case if you quit smoking then you’ll be saved from various hazardous diseases.

Apply Sunscreen: Even after frequent reminders women don’t apply sunscreen on their breasts. Unprotected skin may be a prey to not just skin cancer or sunburns but it also makes the skin look old. To prevent your skin from wrinkles and to have a smooth and stiff décolletage then make sure you apply an SPF 15 lotion before going out in the sun.

Sports Bra: When you are exercising make sure you wear a sports bra. Our breast keeps on changing with our body movements. So rigorous movements without a sports bra may cause pain in the breasts. Moreover it harms the ligament and may also result in loosening of the skin. Those women who have bigger breasts should be more cautious regarding this. Make sure your breasts are free of effects of exercising.

Posture: If you want to see quick improvements in your breast size then improve your posture. If while walking your shoulders are always drooping then your chest muscles will loose their flexibility and will also result in loosening of the skin. But walking straight and uptight will make your breasts appear larger and attractive. Pay attention on how you sit and walk. You can improve your breasts through yoga, Tai-chi and pilates.