Heart attack : Symptoms, Type and Treatment

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heart attack

Heart attack is life threatening. every years thousands of Indians are suffering from This disease . Heart attack is known as acute myocardial infarction (AMI). A heart attack usually happen when blood clot blocks the flow of blood thorough a coronary artery. after attack thousands of people survived and enjoy a normal life. here we tell you about heart attack symptoms and other important information:

Symptoms of heart attack :-
1. irregular heartbeat.
2. slow pain in chest.
3. extreme weakness.
4. feeling anxiety
5. feeling like heartburn.
6. indigestion
7. high blood pressure

[alert-note]Some people have no symptoms during heart attack, this kind of attack are known as silent MI. mostly diabetic people are suffering from it. [/alert-note]

Cause of heart attack :
1. blood clot in artery.
2. artery blockage.
3. cholesterol plaque in artery.
4. pericardium crack

Types of heart attack :-
1. cardiomegaly – cardiomegaly means heart enlarged. it happens due to high blood pressure.
2. coronary artery attack – this is very common type of heart attack. million of people in a year died due to this kind of heart attack.

When call to your doctor: if your family member or friends or loved one, suddenly having chest pain, you should contact to your doctor. don’t move him single step without expert advise. if you have no facility, than take him to hospital by convenient vehicle.

Treatment: you should explain every symptoms to doctor, he will give you best treatment. but you should take care of yourself. eat healthy, take low calorie , do exercise or yoga and live long.