Top 5 tips : How to Take Care of puppy

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puppy care

Like a small baby, your puppy also depends on you for the best care. From avoiding accidents and following healthy puppy food practices, be the best parent you can be by following these simple tips.

⇒ Good nutrition is necessary for the growth and well-being of a puppy. Consult your vet about the puppy’s breed, even if it is mixed. Find out what nutrition your vet recommends for that breed. Be sure to buy a puppy formula for your puppy in the first year. Keep puppy food in sealed containers, so it does not catch moisture. Regularly clean the bowl in which your puppy eats food or drinks water.

 Dog grooming is as important for your health as for your puppy’s well-being. From nail clipping to cleaning the ear-lobes and backside is essential to keep it healthy and happy. Alternate bathing during summers and shower once every 5 to 7 days during winters may help keep insects and bacteria at bay. Use anti-bacterial soap and shampoo. Comb the hair with a clean brush. Get the puppy some sun-bath, till the hair dries. Apply anti-bacterial powder.

 Most of the dogs don’t drink enough water, which can lead to dehydration, weight gain and urinary tract infections. Place little water cups in several rooms, to tempt your puppy to drink. Refresh the cups daily. Don’t add sugar or any other additive to prompt the doggy in drinking water. Take him to regular walk so that it keeps fits.

 Take some time out from your busy schedule and play with your puppy. This will not only help in building an emotional bond, but also train your puppy to fetch things, to sit on command, to come to you when you call it. Don’t forget to give potty training. Avoid showing aggression and beating.

 Puppies are small, and sometimes they get overwhelmed and want to hide somewhere small, warm and safe. Create a safe haven for your puppy. It can be a crate or an enclosed doggie bed. Provide them clean and hygienic bed-sheets, mattresses and quilts. Regularly clean the space where your doggy stays.

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 The day you meet your puppy, give him a soft, puppy collar with your phone number on the name tag. Stats show that 6 out of 10 dogs who get lost never make it back home. But by seeing the tag the person who finds the puppy may return it back to you.

 Buy puppy teething toys, which can be placed in the freezer. The cold will help the gum pain your puppy will feel. In turn, your puppy will do a lot less destructive chewing of furniture and your Gucci loafers.

 Get the vaccination done on time. Keep in touch with your vet and inform him about the changes in your doggy’s behavior.

 It’s important to stroke your pet’s body, legs, and head several times daily. This will help your puppy feel loved, as well as allow you to create a strong bond with your puppy.

 Puppies, like human babies, are fragile. Gently scoop up your puppy if you need to pick it up, keeping one hand under its chest at all times.