kitchen tips during rainfall

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Rainy season uplifts a lot of problems of moisture and dampness. Here are some kitchen tips to tackle these problems.

  • To remove the smell of kerosene from your hand, rub your hands with yogurt and was them with water.
  • To protect the pulses from moisture put some drops of castor oil in the container. To protect the flour from the same put a bay leaf in the container.
  • To get rid of ants, hang 2-3 pods of onions near tube light. These repel them.
  • If there are certain holes in your place then fill them up with cement, whitewash or other material. These holes become a harbor for cockroaches, earthworms and other insects in rainfall.
  • Spray some insect repellent on the closed holes.
  • Evacuate all the containers and dry the occupants in the sun. Dry the pulses as well.
  • After drying store them in air tight containers, so that the dampness doesn’t reaches the material.