Easy Ways to Clean your Chopping Board

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chopping board cleaning tips

Today every kitchen fashions a chopping board. We are so used to this necessity that in its absence there would be a lot of work undone. But regular dicing of vegetables may lead to deep spots that may not wash off that easily. You can easily clean your chopping board using natural ingredients like lemon, Imli, Vinegar etc. Let’s find out some tips to easily clean your board:


Lemon Juice: If you cut vegetables that omit color then rub the surface of the board with lemon juice and leave it for fifteen minutes, then rub it with the lemon’s skin to clean it.

Vinegar: If your chopping board is white in color and has turned yellow then add a cap of vinegar to water and submerge the chopping board in the liquid for 10 minutes. Later scrub it with liquid soap and then wash it with clean water.

Salt: To remove dirt, scrub your chopping board with lemon and salt and wash it. It’ll become good as new.

Imli: If you add salt to the pulp of Imli and scrub it then your chopping board will shine immediately. If the spots are deep then immerse the board in Imli water for a while.