How To Make Kiwi Margarita?

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Kiwi margarita is a unique drink, which is packed with loads of Vitamin C and energy. As you Know kiwi is very healthy fruit. In India, kiwi is one is the costliest (each piece is 15 rs.) fruit.

Kiwi Margarit

If you are hosting any party at your place, you can make refreshing and tangy party drink by KIWI;its called kiwi margarita. Here we are telling you about recipe of kiwi margarita:
For People: 4
Time: 5 minute
1. 2 peeled kiwi
2. 12 cup sugar
3. 1/2  tequila (if you are comfortable with it)
4. lemon juice of 1 fresh lemon
5. Mint leaf – 10
6. crushed ice
how to make Kiwi Margarit

How to make: 

1. take a blender.
2. combine the sugar, tequila, lemon juice and mint leaf in blender.
3. fill it with crushed ice.
4. make it smooth.

How to decorate glass: 

1- Pour some syrup or lemon juice in a plate.
2- Pour some salt in a plate.
3- Dip the rim of the glass in to juice and after that dip in to salt.
4- Cut a slice of kiwi and put it in glass.
5- Crushed it with spoon.
6- Pour smooth blended juice in glass.
your kiwi Margarita is ready! Enjoy it and give your comment to us.