How to make indian style kadhi ?

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Kadhi is a popular Indian recipe. Combination of Kadhi and rice is highly on demand. When I was child, our family ate pulse and vegetables almost every day, sometimes for a change in the food menu, my mother cooked Kadhi and rice.

how to make Kadhi_Pakora in hindi

Kadhi can be made in different ways; like pakoda Kadhi, carrot Kadhi, matar Kadhi etc. But simple pakoda Kadhi is one of the most demandable Kadhi recipe in India. Here we are going to share kadhi recipe with you, have a look on article:

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For: 4 people


  1. Besan (gram flour) – 2 ½ cup

  2. Yogurt (dahi) – 1 ½ cup

  3. Salt (As per taste)

  4. Asafoetida (heeng) – one pinch

  5. Turmeric power – ½ tbl spoon

  6. Cumin seed

  7. Oil

  8. Red chili powder

  9. 2 chopped green chilly

  10. Coriander leaves


Firstly we should prepare gram flour batter by adding water. This batter should be thick. Whisk this better with spoon continuously for 5 min. and then divided in to 2 parts; one for pakoda and other one for Kadhi.

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How to pakoda for Kadhi?

  • Heat oil in pan.

  • Again whisk the gram flour batter.

  • Add some salt and red chili powder.

  • Whisk it.

  • Pour it in round shape.

  • Make 5-6 pakoda at one time.

  • Turn and flip the pakoda.

  • Both sides should be attaining golden brown.

  • Take them out from pan.

  • With repeating the same process, make at least 20 pakoda (per person 5).

  • You pakoda are ready for Kadhi.

How to make Kadhi?

  • Take the other part of gram flour.

  • Whisk curd/yogurt.

  • Add this curd in gram flour batter. Mix it properly.

  • Add 1 cup water in this mixture. Make a thin batter.

  • On the other side, heat 1 tbl spoon in pan on medium flame.

  • Tamper the cumin seed, Asafoetida and green chili.

  • Put turmeric power.

  • Pour curd-gram flour batter in pan.

  • Mix it continuously till it gets thick and make start to boil.

  • If Kadhi start to boil, then put all pakoda in it. (at least after 7 min. on low heat)

  • At last, add salt as per your taste.

  • Let it cook on Keep medium heat.

  • Cook it for 12-14 min.

  • But don’t forget to stir it on every 2-4 min.

  • After a while, gram flour cream will be appears on side of the pan, it shows your Kadhi is ready for garnishing.

  • Take it out in serving bowl and garnish it with fresh green coriander leaf.

You can eat it with rice, chapati or naan. For extra taste, you can add one spoon of desi ghee in it. Njoy!!!