Enjoy Halloween with some easy to make cocktails

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Planning a perfect Halloween party this Friday, but confused about what drinks to serve to the guests? Try four delightful DIY (do it yourself) drinks that are easy to make at home.

Black Magique, The Darkest Hour, The Orange Candy and The Green Apple Bite are the four easy to make cocktails. A team from Smirnoff, one of the largest vodka brands in the world, shares the recipes to make them at home:

Black Magique: Take 45 ml of Smirnoff Black Vodka in a shot glass and spice it up with a drop of tabasco, shards of dark chocolate and decorate it on dry ice to add to the spookiness! The all-new Smirnoff black vodka promises a smoky taste and adds to the party on Halloween night.

The Darkest Hour: Take three-four ice cubes in a rock glass, pour 45 ml of Smirnoff Espresso vodka over ice. Top up the glass with cola, and sip on the dark deep taste of espresso.

The Orange Candy: Fill your tall glass with ice and then pour in 30 ml Smirnoff Orange Vodka, 90 ml tonic, and two orange slices. Stir the drink well and garnish with an orange slice. With all the candy like sweetness, your guests will only feel treated and not tricked.

The Green Apple Bite: Fill a tall glass with ice and pour 30 ml Smirnoff Green Apple Vodka and 90ml Sprite. Squeeze three wedges of lime and stir well. Garnish with a green apple slice and enjoy the bite!