Benefits of curry leaves

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curry leaves

Curry leaves are found in the tropical rainforest and are a tree of the Rutaceae and is native to India. Due to its varied usage in the preparation of curries it is referred as ‘Curry Leaves.’ Its Tamil meaning is ‘The leaves that are used in preparation of curries.’ In Kannad language it comes out as ‘Black neem because the leaves resemble bitter neem.

Curry leaf is very different from bay leaves or any other leaves. There are many medical advantages to curry leaves. They can cure stomach problems and indigestion. It prevents accumulation of fat and helps in the growth of strong and long hair. Following are its benefits:

  • Strengthening the digestive system.
  • Growth of long hair.
  • Removing dandruff from hair.
  • Making the dishes delicious.
  • Invigorating the taste of the dishes of South India.
  • Its medical benefits include- (anti-diabetic) , (antioxidant) , (antimicrobial) , (anti-inflammatory), (hepatoprotective) and (anti-hypercholesterolemic).