Use these tips to fight inability to sleep

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Are you Unable to sleep soundly ? Or your sleep, once broken cannot be continued? People say that hard work fruits to sound sleep but this crazy rush life sometimes doesn’t allow us to sleep peacefully and we become reluctant towards it. This problem may get serious and sometimes lead to mental stress and problems. If you’re facing such troubles then do apply these tips in your life.


  • Fix your schedule:
    Your schedule maybe tight and packed but to make sure you get proper and comfortable sleep you must fix a strict time for sleeping. This will balance your sleeping-waking cycle of your body. You might face certain glitches initially but you will get used to it and your sleep schedule will maintain.
  • Keep your bedroom clean:
    There is a deep connection between sound sleep and satisfaction. If our room is clean and tidy your mind will be at peace and will sleep quickly. You can also play some soft music to calm your mind.
  • Stay away from these things:
    If after a day of tiring work, in your resting time you’re stuck to computer or tv then make a distance and give yourself a break. Do not strain yourself with computers and laptops right before sleeping. Do not consume coffee or tea before sleeping or take heavy spicy dinner.
  • Fruitful Diet:
    Take a glass o f warm milk before sleeping. This is a very good source to remove sleeping problems. Apart from this you can consume dry fruits. You can turn to ayurveda and take help of chamomile flower or lavender but make sure you consult a doctor before that. Drink lots of water before sleeping.
  • Foot Massage:
    Wash your hands and face before sleeping and massage your foot. This helps in proper flow of blood.
  • Yoga:
    For a healthy body yoga is always recommended but it also cures your seeping problems. Like Shravasan, Bhramasan, Bhramri Pranayam. Carrying these out strictly will help solve sleeping problems.