How to protect your child from fever ?

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child fever

Fever is a very common but grave sickness in the case of infants. Many people get worried and anxious and immediately take their little one to the doctor. It’s not necessary to do this every time if the fever isn’t much high. Small babies usually catch fever.

Remember that the fever should not exceed 104-105 degree Fahrenheit. If the temperature increases then consult a doctor else use these tips:

  • One easy way o decrease the temperature is to rub your baby with damp sponge or cloth. For this rest your baby on a plastic sheet in a towel and use a sponge or a cloth dipped in normal water to wipe his hands, face and body.
  • Keep noting the temperature every 10 minutes and when it comes to 102 then stop sponging the baby.
  • Do not use cold water for sponging.
  • Do not give medicine in high fever, consult a doctor first.
  • Lie near him and stick him to yourself.