Improve your concentration and energy with vrikshasana

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The Sanskrit term ‘Vraksh’ means tree in Hindi. Its synonyms are bush. A person starts looking like a tree while doing vrikshasana and that’s why it is referred so.

Repetition: Keep yourself in the position till the time it suits you. It can be done 2-3 times with one leg.

Process of the Aasan: First stand in a straight position. Then stretch your legs far from each other. Then stretch your hands above your head and join your palms. Bend your right leg from the knee and fix your foot on your thighs. Balancing from the left leg, keep your leg, shoulder and palms in one straight line. This is the vrikshasana position.

Advantages of vrikshasana: It develops the balance and strength of our legs. It removes the excess fat around waist and elbows. Thus strengthening both of these parts. It prevents the belly fat.

Thus because of this it improves the balance of mind and due to this it develops our confidence and concentration. Doing this regularly inculcates activeness and alertness.