Advantages and disadvantages of Green Tea

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green tea

Traditionally Indians still prefer the black tea leaves for their morning tea routine but these days Green Tea has emerged as a trend and replacement. It is said that Green Tea is extremely beneficial for your health this being the reason for its growing popularity.

If we talk about history then Green tea was invented 5000 years ago in China. It is said that if you drink the soft and tender leaves of this plant then it is very beneficial. Green tea is made from these leaves respectively.

Both India and Australia fashion people who are pretty fond of tea and are slowly inclining and looking for healthier versions of tea.
Teacher Colin Bins of School of Public Health situated in West Australia says that the demand for green tea has increased substantially over the past years and it reduces our health problems considerably. It also helps in getting rid of problems like stroke.

He also said that although tea is available in many types but black and green tea is most preferred types. Many people are really fond of drinking black tea but it also causes harm sometimes.

Relief from stress

What more do people need than a steaming cup of tea after the exhaustion and labor of a days work? Even a cup of tea during working hours is appreciated. 8 out of 10 people think so hence tea is also termed as stress reliever. Green tea is drunk for relieving stress and it is beneficial in doing so.

Scientific Approach

It helps in reducing problems of your heart. Although scientists have yet not suggested people to drink it for heart attack yet is considered beneficial removing heart problems.