How to make someone yours ?

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Sometimes it takes us a lot of time to make someone strange ours; to know his likes and dislikes takes a lot of time. But if you actually have to make someone yours then you’ll have to dig deep into that person and try to plant your concern into him. Let’s find out how to make someone yours:

Develop the feeling of Us: Don’t rant about you, yours or mine, use terms like us when you refer to both of you. This will inculcate a feeling of familiarity with you. Maybe she rebukes you at first but later he/she won’t be able to do so.

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Express Kinship : Make your other half feel a sense of intimacy with you. This may include fights, cheers, laughter; make him/her feel comfortable with you. But don’t get indulged too much else he/she may think of you as possessive.

Care : Every human likes a person who genuinely cares for the other person. Things like did you have dinner or how’s your health etc reflect a sense of care from your side and brings people closer to each other.

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Say the truth : Don’t just indulge in prosaic flattering when it comes to real talk. If you’re other self wants too much of buttering then he/she is not worth having it. You’ll go retarded due to continuous flattering.

Touch : Sometimes a touch from someone of your own age or opposite gender improves the relations. So give a slight doze of your touch as well to bring them closer.