Things That Still Perplex Men About Women

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perplex men

Last week we talked about the nature of girls. But after close observation we also found some habits of girls that confuse men. Their strain their small brains to figure it out but are always unable to do so. Let’s talk about these habits.

Stroking their hair frequently- Why do women continuously stroke and caress their hair? They don’t understand why women have to constantly take care of heir hair. They have so many rubber bands that they could sustain a months living by selling them.

Scared of Spiders, Love hot wax-This is rather confusing that women freak out from a spider or a lizard yet never refrain from pulling away the hair from their hands using hot liquid wax.

Show Off- It’s not very likable of girls to show themselves up. I don’t do this, I don’t do that, I don’t involve in these activities. It would be better of them if they tell all this only when they’re asked.

Hatred for other females- This is a habit acquired by birth. If you compliment another female in front of a girl, she’ll erupt like a volcano, especially if you talk of her beauty then you sure as hell got yourself in loads of trouble.

What do you mean- This is a question that is the cliche of every female. Explaining them something is more or less like the Board Exam, you have to do everything from the root to the top.

Not feeling good- Try getting personal with a girl and she’ll have loads of problems. It’ll begin with a casual not feeling good and then progresses to no one understands me, why does it happen to me etc. Now whether or not you want to continue the conversation is strictly your decision.