How to make Momos?

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Now days, Momos is one of the most requested food among people. Basically this is traditional food of Nepal and Tibet but presently most popular food in India. Every food van has special chart for different kind of momos and that why day-by-day; momos is becoming famous street food. Children’s, students, college’s friends and families- everyone is loyal follower of momos. Here we are going to tell you veg momos recipe.

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Ingredients for 4 people:

  • Flour – 2 cup

  • Cabbage – ½

  • Carrot – 2

  • Green Chilies + red chilly power

  • Onion -2

  • Ginger

  • Garlic

  • Soy sauce

  • Beans (not necessary) – 4

  • Black pepper powder

  • Sugar

  • Salt (as per taste)

  • Luke warm water

  • Oil – 1 tbl spoon

Preparation time: 30 Minute

Cook time: 20 Minute


Method of Making the Momos

  1. Take a bowl. Place flour and mix salt and oil in it. Mix it slowly with Luke warm water. Make smooth and soft dough. Cover this dough with lid and keep aside.

  2. Chopped all vegies very fine. (onion, cabbage, beans, carrot)

  3. To make veg. filling, heat oil on the pan. Keep medium heat during this step.

  4. Add ginger, garlic and sauté it for 2 min. add chopped green chili and onion, and sauté it for another 3 min. on medium heat. Thn add the chopped carrot and cabbage with beans and cook it for 8 min. with cover it with lid. Add soy sauce, black pepper and sugar. Turn off heat. Now your filling is ready. Keep this aside for come to room temperature.

  5. To make momos layer, again knead the dough and make small puri. Keep it in your mind; It should not be too thick or too thin.

  6. Place a tablespoon of prepared of vegies filling in small round puri on center.

  7. Don’t overstuff it, otherwise it will be break during steaming.

  8. Give it a shape- round or semicircular. After filling and shaping all the puri, take a steamer and place all the pouches on it.

  9. Stem on high heat for 10 min.

  10. Now your flavored moms are ready! Serve it with spicy chatni or sause!