Dreams and what they mean ?

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dreams meaning

Whatever we see in our dreams has some or the other relation with our sub-conscious mind. Our body becomes inactive when we sleep, but that’s not the case with the brain so it keeps on thinking something which we see in the form of a dream. Let’s find out a little about dreams and their meaning:

⇒ Brakes failing, falling off a cliff, slipping from the floor etc. –People usually dream these things like their brakes failed or they fell off from somewhere or some disaster happened to them. These are very common forms of nightmare that occur almost to everyone. These kind of dreams mean that you’re insecure somewhere inside and are feeling a lack of power within you.

⇒ Mobile stopped working, laptop got jammed or the computer’s not working etc.- Seeing some technological equipment not working or calling someone but the phone’s not reaching means that your mind is working but is not able to reach the reality, you need to know something but aren’t able to figure out. You’re worried about not being able to procure the right information from a person or not able to find out something from his life.


⇒ To fall of a sudden or tumbling down- You’re walking down a road when you suddenly slip and start falling off a mountain. We all see such a dream; this means that you’ve stopped struggling through your life. You’ve left everything on luck and no more care what happens.

⇒ Clothes dropping off or seeing someone without clothes on- If you see yourself or some other person without clothes on then it does not conclude that you have something for that person or that person has something for you, but it means that you’re worried that you may be getting very close and intimate with a person. You’re hesitant in putting forth your views in front of people, in other words, you’re an introvert.

⇒ You broke your teeth or lack teeth completely- It’s very common for such a type of dream to occur. People of high ranks or the owner of the house usually sees these kinds of dreams. They mean that you’re afraid of loosing your land or money or afraid of losing someone in particular. You’re scared of not attracting enough attention on yourself.

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⇒ Someone is following you- If you dream that someone is continuously following you it means that there is some issue that constantly troubles you.

⇒ Seeing someone very sick or dead- Seeing someone sick or dead in your dreams means that that person means a lot to you an his life is a very important factor in your life or seeing his importance in his family, you understand his value.

Failing in an exam or scoring a zero in a test- These dreams are really common and they mean that you’re going through an important period in your life and are afraid you might fail.

You missed the train or the bus- This means that somewhere inside you think that you left a good opportunity slip out of your hands are now you regret it.

Seeing a snake- Many a time people use seeing a snake in our dream synonymous to having a desire to have sex. It means that you want to tackle and solve your problem and want to bring a change.